Glitch Art Trials

Recently I’ve been inspired by the glitch art subreddit and other forms of data corruption art. There are a number of techniques for achieving this aesthetic, which I will post about in the future, but for now here are a couple examples that I finally got working.

Photo glitching with Audacity: How to


Variety of effects applied to small regions


Wah wah effect applied to the whole image


Reverse effect applied to most of the image

Photo glitching with Hexfiend. Giffed with GifFun:

(Click these thumbnails to see the animated gif.)

Sky glitch

Variety of hex edits.


Variety of hex edits

Datamoshing with ffmpegX and avidemux

(thanks to YouTube user datamosher for this video, BUT I haven’t got the technique figured out for OSX 10.7+ yet)

( Leaving this example out for now, until I can get posting videos nicely figured out.)